Lorraine Eyerman, MA, RD,CDN

Lorraine Eyerman, MA,RD,CDN

Customized Nutrition
Registered Dietitian

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Professional Nutrition Counseling

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Customized Diet Services


The current Pandemic health crisis directs
every healthy person to stay healthy.

This is a time to control what you eat now.
It is critically important to eat healthy,
so you can maintain a healthy Immune system.

Stay Home - Stay Healthy - Stay Out Of The Hospital - Maintain Social Distance.

We help our patients continue on
their nutritional plans, paths, diets,and practices without interruption.

All while maintaining a safe social distance.


Both for those alone and/or

those staying at home with the

challenge of feeding an-at-home family.

Incorporating proven methods to effectively create a healthly daily meal and snack program.

Each family needs a plan individualized for:

their specific needs, food availability, allergies, medical conditions and alternatives.

THE GOAL is to keep their family healthy during and after the health crisis.

I have 40+ years of experience in medical nutrition therapy and over 25+ years of private certified dietition nutrition practice in Manhattan.

My goals include providing extra customization, extra reinforcement, encouragement and support to help insure that each patient attains and maintains their nutrition goals.

My specialty is creating realistic nutrition solutions, each carefully custom designed to work for you especially when other methods may have failed you in the past...

New patients...
You are invited to get more information on customized nutrition planning

Please contact me by e-mail, by phone, by text or fax
to schedule your own individualized nutritional consultation.

SocialDistance - Stay-At-Home Consultations now being scheduled, by appointment only, for telephone, video, text or any combination any of my Customized Nutrition Services.

To Keep Immune System Healthy. Everything is seemingly beyond one's control. Food Can Be The Solution...But please Avoid Even Thinking Of Binge Eating.

Pandemic Stay-At-HomeTo Keep Immune System Healthy. Everything is seemingly beyond one's control. Food Can Be The Solution...But please Avoid Even Thinking Of Binge Eating
Weight Loss Nutrition Weight LossLet's customize a realistic yet effective nutrition plan for you...
Weight Gain Nutrition Weight GainI've helped hundreds of patients with this - a bigger challenge than weight loss...
Weight Maintenance Nutrition Weight MaintenanceCustomized solutions for every lifestyle...
Cholesterol Reduction Nutrition Cholesterol Reduction NutritionWe can get to your goal level, without hunger...
Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition Vegan and Vegetarian NutritionYour vegan or vegetarian diet may require varied food resources for complete nutrition...
PCOS and Fertility Nutrition PCOS & Fertility NutritionPCOS and Fertility Nutrition Counselling for increasing odds of fertility...
Nutrition During Pregnancy Nutrition During PregnancyEasy meals for both mother and child...
Adolescent Nutrition Adolescent NutritionA parent's greatest nutrition challenge...
Restaurant Dining Nutrition Restaurant DiningHow to order, key menu words to look for and to avoid.../td>
Holiday Eating Holiday EatingHow to enjoy and control your short term goals...
Business Traveling Diets Business Traveling DietsCustom nutrition tactics for the road...
Vitamin/Mineral Deficiencies Nutrition Vitamin/Mineral DeficienciesFind out about new food sources...
Allergy Plan Nutrition Allergy PlansWe'll create a varied diet you can enjoy...
Gastrointestinal Disorder Nutrition Gastrointestinal Disorder NutritionWhen gas is not funny :)...
Menopause Nutrition Menopause NutritionCure half the symptoms with nutrition...
Diabetes Nutrition Diabetes NutritionImprove your blood sugars...
Hypoglycemia Nutrition HypoglycemiaHave more energy...

Please call, fax or e-mail for your private appointment...

Together we can individualize a food plan to reach your goals and beyond.

Tel (212) 685 - 3305
Fax (212) 685 - 3747


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